Tuesday, March 1, 2011



Raise your hand if you like change...

yeah, me neither.

But, I have learned that it often seems to be unavoidable.

You may have noticed some changes going on here at PPD. I have been delaying making them for a while as I have wrestled with even doing so. But these are changes that I had to make for various reasons so I thought it best to lay it all out there.

Since I started making these PPK's almost 4 years ago (sort of by accident), my goal was never to make a million dollars. The premise was simple. Make a cute baby with the Word of God on the front and let it speak not to just those little hearts receiving it, but also those people around the child that might see it. Simple.

Now, I am no math wizard, just ask my mom or my husband or Mrs. Gipson, my high school math teacher, so pricing was a bit of a challenge for me. Once this turned from a "hobby" to a "business" my husband wanted to calculate the time it takes for each baby plus the cost of each one to determine what the profit should be. I felt like I should just keep charging the same for them as I had been before when I was making them for my friends. I didn't have a formula, it started with an offer for $20 to make one. I accepted... thus you have my pricing formula. Genius, I know.

Now, don't get me wrong, I was making a little bit of a profit but when you add 4 more children to my family, and a "business" that is growing, time has become increasingly valuable. No matter how hard I try to stretch the hours out, there are only 24 in a day.

In addition to that, I have listed some other changes to the dolls themselves:

No longer are the scriptures added by heat transfer. They are now printed on fabric and sewn to the doll. ( This is more durable but it is more expensive).

The hair in pig tails is now stitched down so it doesn't become "floppy".

If you are ordering for a toddler or baby I will hand stitch the skirt onto the doll to make sure it doesn't come off.

The PPk's have a label.

There is a hairstyle option.

There are various sizes to choose from.

There have also been some changes on my end as far as ordering product. It's been a bit of a bear. It seems the most popular details have become increasingly more difficult to get my hands on. Things such as yarn textures and stuffing. I can no longer purchase these things in bulk (costs less) but now I have to purchase them in much smaller quantities (cost more). And often times I have have to drive out of town to find a location that is carrying the product that month?! ( Have you seen gas prices?!) Yikes!

I have also had to instill a payment policy. In the past I have allowed local folks to order and pay at pick up. Well, I have had a lot of folks late in picking up their product, which leaves me unpaid until they show up. So, I now have a policy that all orders must be paid for in advance before I begin an order. (I really disliked doing this, but it was unavoidable).

Because of all of this I have made a lot of babies, spent a lot of time away from my family sewing and made not much profit.

So, all of this is to say, that while I have delayed doing this as long as possible, I will have to be increasing the prices of the PPK's if I am going to continue my "business". I hope that doesn't run anyone off, because the ministry is still the same. I have not taken this decision lightly and I have spent much time in prayer over it.

If you ordered before March 1st and you are waiting for me to list your item on ETSY you will still be under the old pricing. :) All orders after March 1st 2011 will be under the new pricing.

That info can be seen in the right hand side bar under faq's.

Thanks for understanding and thanks for being a part of PPD!

(now cross your fingers I can get back to some regular posting! After all everyone in my house has been well, fever free/no sickness of any kind for 1 whole week!!! That must be some kind of record!!)


plaxico6 said...

Your dolls are worth every penny! I never have thought you charged enough for the quality of your work. :)

Melanie@Halls of Fame 5 said...

Good for you! I know it wasn't easy but I believe God also wants you and your family to be blessed by this ministry! Still a great deal if you ask me!