Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's Pretty Tweet Being 5!

The bad busy mommy blogger in me has been so busy these days it dawned on me that I never did a post about Puddin's 5th birthday party. YIKES! Ya'll know I'm all about a birthday party so please forgive my rudeness!!!

So, without further ado...
The inspiration was her recital. She danced to Rockin Robin and loved it! Birds have always been a favorite animal of hers since she was itty bitty so when she said she wanted a red birdie party it wasn't really a surprise.

The garlands were made from felt and beads and the inspiration came from a birdie I saw on Skip to My Lou( LOVE that site!)

Oh- And this year, I ordered the balloons for this party and the boy's airplane party on line and bought one of those little helium tanks at Target. It was soooo much cheaper to do it that way.

We decided to have her party here at the house but this year we opted for an inside party (instead of out in the backyard). We had so much fun! It was really cute to see all of her little friends coming to celebrate her special day! She invited friends from school, dance class, and long time (might as well be) friends too.

Warning- if you are not a fan of red, you might want to click away. We have a red dining room and the colors for the party were red and pink so be warned- there's a whole lotta red about to be seen!!

It was a very simple, easy party.

We had the food in the dining room, a game in the living room and the activity in the kitchen.

Food consisted of Bird Seed (aka- cheerios, sunflower seeds, mini chocolate chips and craisins), strawberries, chocolate birdies, cupcakes, and pink lemonade.
I used our white table cloth with some left over fabric across the top. I also had pictures along the table. The first one was taken minutes after she was born, then a 1st birthday picture, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. The picture in the center was taken a few days before the party.

I also had her birthday book here. For each birthday (or other special gathering in their honor) my kids each get a book for their guests to sign. Puddin has quite a collection already!

The cake. She wanted a chocolate-chocolate cake with a red birdie on top. I used Chinese noodles as the nest, the bird is made from fondant and the pink stripes are for contrast. I also used feather boas around the cake plate to jazz it up a bit.

The cupcakes were chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with chocolate icing. I had a hard time deciding how to decorate these. I almost ordered some paper toppers but int he end these little glittery red birds won out. They are Christmas floral picks. I just snipped the pick part down, sprinkled some glittery sprinkles on the cupcakes and popped the pick in the cupcake. EASY! And, everyone got a bird in their goody bag too!

The silver bowl was for the capri-suns and the glass jar was for the pink lemonade. I didn't get another picture after I had that part finished.

Close up of the cake topper.
(made from pre-died rolled fondant... just like playing with play-doh!)
The game was a play on the pin the tail on the donkey. Instead we played pin the birdie in the nest. Fun and easy. (sorry- I didn't get a picture!)

The activity was to keep them all entertained when they started to arrive. Each child chose a bird house and an apron and could paint it any way they liked in the kitchen. By the time the party was over all of the bird houses were dry. These, along with their aprons, also served as part of their party favors.

They also had bird silly bands and a birdie sugar cookie in their bags.

We finished the party with birthday cake and gifts.

These were 2 of my favorite pictures I thought I'd share. Puddin as Rapunzel

opening her new crown

Everyone had a great time!
Daisy and all of the kids LOVED the cake (it came from a box and I doctored it up a bit!)

Plus, this was a super easy, inexpensive and fun party!

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