Friday, November 12, 2010


Pumpkin row... the pumpkin faces drawn by the kids and cut by mommy and daddy...

L-R... (and in birth order, just cause) Puddin, Monkey Do, Monkey See, Bud and Daisy.

Did I share this? Things have just been c to the r to the azy around here lately and I don't know which end is up it seems.

Anyway, I think sharing our halloween pictures is one of those things that fell to the wayside the past couple of weeks! So, 2 weeks into the November, here we go!

(BTW- my last show is coming up next week and then, while I'll be plenty busy with custom orders, I will be able to slow down a breath a little, I hope.)

Halloween 2010
Theme: Old McMonkey Do and the barnyard gang... totally decided upon by Monkey Do and his deep admiration of Farmer Jason.
So, thanks to Monkey Do we had a puppy, aka Monkey See, a lamb, aka Puddin, a mouse, aka Bud and a baby chick, aka Daisy. Bud and Daisy's costumes were from our costume collection previously worn by their siblings, but still as cute as ever. Monkey See's costume was courtesy of Gymboree and Puddin's was a home made lamb suit.
Ta- Daaa!

It is so, so hard to get everyone looking in the same direction and happy at the same time!

they're off!

after wards... assessing the loot. I put the babies to bed while hubby and the kiddos got busy with the candy! I think he was as happy about the loot as they were!

ummmm- Reece's peanut butter cups... yummmm!
Hope you all had a happy Halloween too!

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plaxico6 said...

Monkey Do had a GREAT idea for the costumes! You did good! As always, they are precious....soak up every moment with them :)