Thursday, November 11, 2010

a house fit for a fairy...

A couple of weeks ago we had one of our sweet little friends come and spend an afternoon with us. To say Puddin was excited would be the understatement of the year. For some reason, she has a sudden fascination with sleepovers. I'm not even sure where she was first introduced to the term, since we have never used it and she has never slept anywhere in her whole life except her own bed, or in a hotel room with her entire family. I blame preschool. Ha!

Anyway, her sweet little friend L came to play and Puddin was thrilled!

Puddin had been watching the new Tinkerbell movie and had been telling me for days she wished she had a fairy house for her back yard like the little girl in the movie.

So after the kiddos played for a while I gathered them all together in the backyard for a mission. They had to collect sticks, nuts, berries, leaves, etc. but I did not tell them why.

Once we had the basket full we went back inside, fired up the glue gun, and I told them the plan... to build fairy houses!

Here are our renditions! I think they turned out fantastic and the kids had so much fun!!!

Monkey Do and his fairy house. Yes, he is wearing his cowboy farmer hat, again... it's a daily thing these days.

Monkey See and his fairy house... yes, he is wearing food on his face, again.
Also a daily thing around here. All I can say is, that boy loves a brownie!

Princess Puddin and her fairy house. Yes, she is wearing blue eye shadow and lip gloss.... another daily thing thanks to the makeup kit she was given by Nana for her birthday! (We do limit it to after school and only if mommy has no other plans for us to leave the house for the day) It's all about the limits!

Definitely a repeat activity in this house in the future!

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