Tuesday, December 1, 2009

She Sings

This baby girl, much like her siblings, seems to be musically inclined. All of my children are more than willing on any given moment to make a "joyful noise!" They love to sing and make up their own songs. Puddin makes up new songs everyday and many nights I have woke up to Monkey See, breaking into song while in his crib at 2 in the morning. Monkey Do, while he has a hard time carrying a "tune in a bucket" sings with all of his heart at the top of his lungs and it just melts mine!

My Daddy and uncles are all musical as well and I have been known to play or sing a note or two back in the day. Even Hubby was a guitar player in his high school days. I guess it was inevitable that our children would be musical as well.

Lately, this little girl has found her voice. No, she is not talking... not a ma-ma, or da-da, ever.

She does, however, growl... a lot. And recently, she has begun to sing. I must say... it is the most precious song!

She will sing and sing and sing! She loves for you to sing along, but doesn't really care when you stop.... she keeps going and going! A regular Energizer Bunny!

My goal this week, (other than finish the laundry), to get this song on video!

Once again, just anothe reason I have the best "job" in the world!! Mommyhood is great!


Grace said...

HI Melissa,
I had so much fun with your two little ones this morning at CBS! How much are your items? The dolls and the blankets?? I didn't see anything about that on the site. I do realize it is too late for a Christmas order but I can keep it in mind for special occasions.
(My name is Laurie, I am signed in as my daughter)

Melissa said...

Hi Laurie,
so good to hear from you! Thanks so much for taking are of my little darlings today at CBS. I really appreciate it.

Anyway, pricing for custom dolls can be found in the right sidebar. It is based on the size of doll ordered. If I sell dolls that are premade, they are usually less expensive. I just listed some new ones with their pricing as well.

Quilts range in price. The standard quilt w/ 3-4 patch work fabric squares and 1 scripture is $35.

Let me know if you have any more questions!
See you next week!