Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Airplane Port*

My children have a fascination with airplanes, which I am grateful for. When Puddin was a wee one we took a trip to the local airport to watch the planes come in. I was pregnant with the Monkeys and doing something that would entertain Puddin was great- especially if it was free! So we ended up going weekly through out the summer. Some days we would go on weekends when hubby was with us and he enjoyed watching the planes as much as she did. In fact, one hot July day I wobbled out to the viewing area with hubby and Puddin and quickly found a spot to sit when a nice young man landed his plane and noticed us.

I guess the super adorable kid, super excited daddy and the super gigantic mommy were hard to miss!

Anyway, he watched us watching him for a while. After he finished checking over his plane, or whatever they do after a landing, he came over and asked if we would like to sit in his plane!! YEAH, we would!

However, due to my gigantic belly and it being a wonder I could even stand up without wobbling over, and it being soooo close to my due date I opted to keep my feet on the ground. But not Hubby! He and Puddin hopped right in that young mans plane! They were adorable!! I was upset I had forgotten my camera and wasn't able to get pictures of this daddy- daughter moment but this young man even offered to take pictures and email them to me!

We have since continued our tradition of visiting the airport and have had lots of fun picnics there watching the planes come in. However, since our new little darlings have arrived it has been a little harder to manage some things we used to do. That being said, we went all summer without a visit to the airport. Last night Puddin reminded me that we hadn't been in a long, long time.

Today we righted that wrong. I'm so glad we did! What a great time we had! Just see for yourself!

Looking forward to a picnic when it's warmer. All of my friends in the Boro reading this... if you haven't been with your kiddos yet, you really should give it a shot. It's lots of fun and an all time favorite of ours! Maybe we'll picnic with you there some time!
* in Puddin speak airplane port means airport. Cute!

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Melanie said...

I did not know you could do that! Our girls are also fascinated with airplanes. We'll definitely be going soon!!