Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Recap part 2

One of the best things about this month was that little Daisy learned to clap... yes she did!!! And after she sings us a song, she applauds herself for a job well done!!! PRECIOUS!!! And baby Bud... we he has become our "mobilebutnotofficiallycrawlingyet" baby. He showed particular interest in the Christmas tree. He LOVED it. He loved the lights, the ornaments, the gifts, but he especially enjoyed gazing up inside the tree after he scooted himself across the room and underneath the tree! He sure makes for a wonderful gift if I do say so myself!

After he wiggled himself across the room and under the tree

This year we weren't able to spend Christmas with 2 of our favorite people. My sweet mother-in-law had some health problems this fall and has been recuperating so spending Christmas with them just wasn't an option this year. Instead, Papa sent some gifts and the kiddos had a great time opening them a couple of days before Christmas. Thank you Papa and Nana!!

The girls opening their gifts
Puddin got a jewelry box and a fairy necklace that she loves!!

Daisy got a caterpillar that rattles and rolls... it has provided lots of fun for us all!

baby Bud with his gift... he's very excited!

Wow!! He wants his clown with balls out of the box!!

Monkey See and Monkey Do (Puddin too) posing with their gifts.

Monkey See opening his gift...

Monkey Do opening his...

Ta-Da!!!! New big boy car seats for my little Monkeys!! They were so excited because Puddin has one like this and they wanted one sooo bad!! They are perfect!!
So, this closes out round 2 of the Christmas recap! I'll try and finish it off in 1 more post... hang in there!!!

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