Sunday, October 4, 2009


That's me... M.I.A. in the blog world these days.

Can you say BUSY!! Wow! It feels like I have been whirling around all a flutter for the past week. And actually, I have. I am busy preparing for Puddin's 4th birthday party, filling Puddin Pop Kids orders and preparing for Christmas on Madison Avenue. Oh- that's in addition to caring for my brood of babies! And my sweet husband. And visiting with extended family.... I could go on and on!

But instead, I thought I would just show you some pics of what we've been up to lately. You can never see too many pictures of adorable little people, right? **giggle**

So without further ado, I give you our week in pictures....

Baby Bud learned to sit.. .with the help of a boppy!! He is VERY proud of himself!

Baby Daisy perfected the art of looking too stinking adorable!!!! Oh- and she learned to growl! Not real sure what that means but she sure does enjoy doing it!

Monkey See and Mommy had our first date with just the 2 of us!(Shopping and running errands- exciting, I know) But- this was a very big deal since he and his brother have only been apart 1 other time with since he came home from the hospital! It was big for me too... I had forgotten what it was like to be in public with just one child... I felt like I was in disguise or something. I was just very ordinary to everyone else around me! I love all of my babies but it was nice to go unnoticed out in public for one afternoon and it was super nice spending it with this sweet boy! (I think he was a little unsure about everything too since he didn't have the rest of the crew behind him.

The Monkey's found the joy of football and were honing in on their punting skills!

With a few forward rolls thrown in for pizazz!

Monkey Do caught a stomach virus so I spent a few days cleaning and doctoring him up.. and praying it wouldn't spread!!! So far, so good!

Puddin is learning to write her name and also worked on her self portrait! BEAUTIFUL!
(While wearing an old outfit from a dance recital... just because)

Baby Bud decided he LOVES the jumperoo... Daisy does not.

Played a game of "squirrel".

That's when you go outside with Daddy and collect gallons of nuts that are covering our yard. We have the FAT-EST squirrels in the neighborhood and so many nuts that they can't eat or hide them all!!!

We perfected the art of the pout.

Played with some sidewalk chalk in the beautiful sunny weather.

watched the big kids as we little ones hung out in the 'walkers'... amazing how quickly they catch on that this thing will move!

Spent the afternoon with my sweet Nanny. Baby Daisy is named after her. I'm looking forward to visiting with again soon!

practiced, "Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil!"

Just to name a few things we did! Whew- I'm tired so I'll spare you the rest of our week until tomorrow!

Be back soon!

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