Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

We are starting to thaw out now.. finally.. little by little!
What a fun night!

We decided not to pass out candy this year so that we could all go trick or treating as a family. The plan included us leaving the house at dark but not turning on the outside lights so that we wouldn't have anyone come to our door.

Apparently, not everyone knows that around these parts we don't trick or treat until dark and only to houses that are lit up.
We had a family come to our door this afternoon at 4:00... in the sunshine... they left disappointed.
I went to the door, not expecting to see 3 strange witches, opened the door, a little stunned,(especially since 2 of the 3 appeared to be well over the age of 18)only to hear "trick or treat!"
Excuse me?
I kind of looked at them, probably with a weird look on my face. Finally I just said, very plainly, something I have never uttered on this holiday before and didn't intend to today, "We don't have any candy. Sorry." And closed the door.
It was a very strange experience.
Then I ran to the dollar store and bought a small bag of candy, which cost $3?? Weird again!

Anyway, the kiddos made pizza for dinner **yummy** (surprisingly!) then we dressed for Halloween! I really struggled this year with what they were going to be for Halloween. So far, I have been lucky in that they don't have an opinion about what they want to dress as.
This was my crew in previous years....

Puddin's 1st Halloween... 2 weeks old!

Halloween 2006... baby Chick

Halloween 2007... Little Red Riding Hood and 2 Little Pumpkins

Halloween 2008... Three Blind Mice

So precious...

My plan changed a lot this year. Due to an injury on my wrist, sewing has been a little more difficult than usual and I really didn't feel like, or have the time to make the costumes. So we rustled around the house and came up with this....

My little cowpokes and punkins!

Puddin looking tuff!

Monkey See... Tuff guy!

Monkey Do... just couldn't keep it together! Such a Ham!

Bud and Daisy... chillin!

The babies wore some pumpkin suits we had from when the boys were tiny. Good thing they were warm because it was C-O-L-D outside!!

After we finished doing 1 loop around our street (took forever btw) we came home and dumped the loot and started eating!

The camera was so cold even the pictures were fuzzy!

They were like 3 Buddy the Elf's!!! They just couldn't stop unwrapping and taking bites! Needless to say, we had a lot of partially eaten candy!

SOOO funny! I made hot chocolate to warm us up and let them enjoy.

I finally had to cut them off and get them to bed.
They had soo much fun!!! Puddin had a great time running up to the houses... she was usually the 1st one to say "Trick or treat!", and considering how shy she is, I was pretty impressed. She and the boys remembered to say "Thank you" most of the time too! Poor Monkeys though. Towards the end they were so cold and their buckets were so heavy they began to wear down quickly! But, they all had the true "trick or treat" experience! What fun!
Now it's peaceful, I'm still cold, and we have more candy than we know what to do with!!
Any suggestions?

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Katie said...

Too cute! I am sorry you hurt your wrist.
As far as the candy we are telling the boys today that they can give us their candy and buy a toy. We haven't done it yet so I don't know how successful it will be.