Sunday, October 25, 2009


******UPDATE BELOW!*****

So Christmas on Madison Avenue was lots of fun yesterday! I was able to meet lots of new people... so if you are visiting here from there yesterday, hello!

This is a business post so if you are here to just see the adorable, real life babies, they will be back tomorrow.

Back to business....

As a reminder, I will only be taking custom orders through November 25th this year. If you need a custom item for Christmas please let me knwo before the 25th. THANKS!

Below are the items in stock. Each item has been reduced in price and can be purchased for the listed price through next Saturday, Oct.31. After that, any remaining items can be purchased through my Etsy shop at full price. ( I have not opened the Etsy shop yet- I'll be doing that next week).

I have 1 baby quilt left, I'll try and get that posted tonight. It's a girl quilt in pink/white. Regular price $40...on sale for $25.


Black, white, pink (sold- DISPLAYED AS A SAMPLE ONLY)
includes attached picture frame

Pink and brown $12 (regular price $16)
incldes attached picture frame

blue and brown $12 (regular price $16)

1. Large, cream chenille
Red polka dot skirt
blue eyes, light brown hair with highlights
measures 22" from head to toe
Romans 8:28

Sale price $16 SOLD

2. Large, periwinkle minky
brown eyes, blonde pig tails
Hot pink polka dot dress
Iaiah 58:11
measures 27" from top of head to toe
Sale price $16

3. Medium pink minky
brown eyes, dark brown curly top
lime green polka dot dress
Psalm 19:14
measures 21" from head to toe

4. Medium cream chenille boy
aurburn curls
blue eyes, blue polka dot overalls with tractor buttons
Philippians 4:13
measures 19" from head to toe

5. Large pink minky
brown eyes, brown highlighted hair with bangs
lime green polka dot dress
measures 22" from head to toe

6. Medium pink Chenille
Yellow/blonde pig tails, brown eyes
pink/olive polka dot dress
Jeremiah 31:3
measures 19" from head to toe

Taggie Burp cloths

hot pink cherry blossom blue paisly SOLD
circus print -1 left

blue polka dot- SOLD

Regular Burp cloth with ribbon

Vintage Pillow Case dress (embroidery detail)
sizes 2T, 4T

Vintage Hand Embroidered pillowcase dress
sizes 2T-3T

Cotton turtleneck Christmas stocking dress $25
Available in sizes 4 and 5
(removable bow for washing)
Butterfly garden pillow case dress $25
available in sizes: 18-24m, 2T-3T, 4T
Circus print pillowcase dress $20
available in sizes 6-12m, 4T
Santa Clause print pillowcase dress $25
available in sizes:6-12m, 12-18m, 18m-2T, 3T-4T

HAPPY BIRTHDAY pillowcase dress $25
available in sizes: 12m, 18m, 2T

Christmas Stocking pillowcase dress SALE $25

available in sizes: 2T (only 1 left)

Navy Harvest Pillow case dress $25

available in sizes: 2T-3T (only 1 left)

Hot Pink Cherry blossom pillow case dress $20
available in sizes:6-12m, 4T

1 comment:

Emily said...

Hey Melissa!
Can I add the bottom 3 taggie burp cloths to my order if they are still available? It is probably a good thing I am having a boy because I would be broke LOL. Love your dresses!!
Emily Scoggins