Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sense of humor

My hubby likes jokes.
His whole family does, really.
They always have one on hand it seems, no matter the occasion.
Me- not so much. I only have 1 joke I have ever been able to remember. It was told to me by a 1st grader and for some reason, it stuck. Since it's the only one I can remember, it's the only one I use.
Funny how some people can remember hundreds of jokes and others only remember one!

It seems as though Puddin will be taking after her daddy. Over the past couple of weeks she has started the "knock-knock" phase. While none of her jokes really make sense to us grown ups, she thinks they are funny, which makes us smile too.

But today she entered a new phase, the "get it phase". That's when they tell a "joke" of some sort and quickly follow it with, "get it?!"
Just in case you didn't.

So today as she was coloring at her table and drawing pictures of people, (which she is very good at), I heard her say something that was pretty funny.
Even funnier was that I thought she didn't get it...until I heard her say, "get it Momma?"

Puddin says, "I'm weally picky about noses."
"Get it, Momma?"
"I'm weally picky about noses."
"That's funny!"

It sure is!

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