Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bi-lingual babies

So, just to warn you- this is another Monkey post. But not nearly the same kind as last!

Last week Monkey Do and I had a few problems. Really, just one.
It seems my first born son, the one with a smile that can light up the great state of Texas, the one who oooozzzzes personality, the one who can throw a ball with amazing accuracy for a baby of his age and has a slight fancy for girly shoes and all things pink, the one who loves Barney with all of his great big sweet and tender heart, does not, will not , say he is sorry to his Momma.

This is a problem.

Last week he did something or other to torment his sister a few too many times so I scolded him a couple of times and we moved on. I ended up having to take a toy away from him because he had decided to use it as a weapon... so he could torment....his sister some more.

Well, I laid it on the counter and went on with unloading the dishwasher. OH- I do not like unloading the dishwasher!! But since "Alice" doesn't live here it's left up to me to do it. **sigh**

Anyway- back to the story.

So I laid the toy (plastic golf club ((I know it shouldn't be in the house and no- I have no idea how it got in the house)) on the counter and went back to the dishes when I noticed that little Monkey had it again and was swinging like mad! So I took it away again, and this time sent him to time out.

This was also the 1st day of the start of story time and the 1st day in a couple of weeks everyone was well enough to go out without fear of infecting the 'Boro with the "Flowers Family Sickness".
Needless to say, we were pumped to get out of this house!

So Monkey Do is in time out doing his 2 minutes of hard time... screaming. The buzzer goes off and I go to him, kneel down and and tell him he is in time out for taking the toy I had taken away from him and for swinging it around the house. I asked him to say he was sorry and give me a hug.
Ya'll, that little Monkey looked at me, frowned and turned his little face from me.

He refused to apologize.

We were at a standoff.

So, I calmly said he would just have to stay in time out until he could tell Mommy he was sorry for misbehaving.

I went back to finishing up some chores, and dressing the other 4 kids, and packing the diaper bag, all the while I would go back to him every 5 minutes and ask for an apology. Every time I would walk away without one. After an HOUR of this I was really, really starting to question what was going on! He was sitting in time out- not getting up- just sitting there, mad as a hornet and refusing to tell me he was sorry! Now, I don't want him to apologize for something if he's not sorry, but I wanted him to be sorry!! I also didn't want us to miss story time!! I really needed to get out and enjoy the weather!

Unfortunately for him and me, he gets his stubborn streak from his Mommy. Apparently he has learned from the Master as some would say. (Not one of my finer qualities and definitely something I am working on. Especially now that I have my own mini me lurking about).

So Puddin and Monkey See are ready, they are wanting to leave the house of sickness for fresh air and a good book.
We can't,
Cause we are in a standoff and Mommy will not loose this battle. I've seen enough episodes of Super Nanny to know what would happen if I did give in and although she seems like a nice lady- I soooo do not want the Super Nanny to ring my door bell!

I kid you not- an hour and a half later this battle finally ended. Thanks to Switzerland....aka Monkey See.
I've always heard about the "twin language" but had never experienced it. Lets just say it's alive and well here. But because the boys talk pretty well and I can understand them I had never really noticed that they are able to speak "Swahili" when talking to each other.
Now, I can' t be certain that is the language the were speaking*wink* they are really smart but since I've never really heard Swahili- I'm just guessing. I do know it was completely foreign to me!

I had gone into my room for a minute and when I came back into the kitchen the boys were standing hand in hand in the kitchen waiting for me. I was surprised because Monkey Do had not gotten out of time out this entire time. So , I told Monkey See that his brother had to say he was sorry before he could play and that he needed to go back to time out unless he was going to apologize. Both boys just stood there holding hands and smiling.

So, I asked Monkey Do if he wanted to say he was sorry.
Still smiling but refusing to say anything.
So, I sent him back to time out.
And that's when it happened.
Monkey See did not let go of his hand to let him leave.
Instead he looked at him and said, "blah, blah, blah, blah" MUCH, much sweeter sounding than that.
Still, nothing from Monkey Do.
So, Monkey See, repeats his request again and I kid you not- that stubborn sweet little
Monkey Do looked at me with the sweetest smile on his face and said the sweetest words,
"sowy mommy!"
I melted. Literally.
I scooped him up, smothered him in kisses and said thank you for apologizing!!! I also scooped up his brother, the peacemaker, and covered him in kisses too! It was really pretty neat to see this all in action.

Since then I have noticed that sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes they do communicate in their own way. How awesome must it be to have another person who always gets you! I love that they have each other and that I get to be a part of it. Even if we did have to miss story time!

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Melanie said...

That is too sweet! I have tears in my eyes. And I must say, you must have some control on yourself because I would've just said "forget it!"!! You've got some pretty special kids there! Good Job, Mama!!