Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rerun Flashback

Yesterday after the kiddos got up from their naps I was finishing up some laundry and rounded the corner to the kitchen. I ran smack dab into this: Which made me immediately think of this:
Anyone else ever watch Rerun on What's Happening!?

Funny the things that pop up in your memory at the oddest times!!

In other news: The newest "lovies" in the Puddin Pop Designs family have made their debut on the Puddin Pop Designs facebook page. Hop on over and check them out! I was going to post them here, but duty calls so it will have to wait!

BTW- I will be posting the run down of the "babies" most recent birthday party as soon as I get a chance. Our theme was a "picnic"... it was lots of fun!

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Jana Green said...

Hi...I mostly just lurk on your blog, but had to come out and say that I used to be a nanny for twins, and I got them the God Gave Us the author of the God Gave Us You author. Just thought you'd like to know.....