Monday, March 28, 2011

Still here

Chances are, I have used that title once, or twice, maybe more.

But whose counting, anyway?

Yes, life has been busy.

Yes, things are the usual crazy.

I have lots and lots to share, but time is precious.

So while I have all of these things I need to write down, so I will remember them, it's just hard to find time to sit and blog about them.

I'm working on fixing that. The problem is, I don't like to pre-post.

I prefer real time when possible.

Anyway, enough about that.

In today's news:

We managed a trip to Hobby Lobby (me, Bud and Dasiy) and Bud DID NOT throw a screaming tantrum. It was amazing! Sadly, it was also a first for him. Poor guy, he really dislikes crowds and public places.

We also managed to bust our favorite stroller.

So sad.

It was also our last stroller. I previously sold the other 3.

I had thought this one would hold out another 3-6 months for us, but nope.

It is "broke down". So, life will not become a little more complicated, or I will have giant Arnold arms as I'm not going to buy another one.

I stopped this morning to pick up a quick bite to eat for myself, which I rarely do. The trio were at preschool and Daisy was in her dance class so it was just Bud and I . He had a yummy buttery biscuit. I had a raw chicken biscuit. uck!

My new latest obsession... first let me say we just got cable about 2 weeks ago... that being said, have you seen Sister Wives? oh my.

So since real time isn't that exciting, let me share a super exciting moment with you.

A couple of weeks ago we received a call that Puddin got in to the school we were hoping for. We were so excited.

They also asked all of the incoming kindergartners to come and spend a few hours in the classroom for pre-assessment.

It was a really big day!

Here is my little Puddin so excited to go to Kindergarten!

She looks so small as she heads off into the "big school!"

And the last one was taken in the classroom, in the Sea of Kindergarten! Yes, I was THAT mom... taking a picture of her child that was so excited to be there she forgot I existed. I didn't even get a wave goodbye, much less a hug. I might have almost, kindof sortof had a mini anxiety attack. Maybe.

I think that's enough catching up for one day. See you again tomorrow... fingers crossed!

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Katie said...

Aw, Matt and my mom went to campus school. We were so planning on sending our boys there.