Friday, April 8, 2011

The Picnic

For the "babies" second birthday party I tried to plan something that would be fun, we could stay at home, be outside and would not be too boy-ish or too girlie. That last part is becoming more and more difficult as they grow from babies to "big kids"! (sniff-sniff) What I finally decided on was a picnic party! Having a March party the weather part was a bit iffy but it was perfect for a boy or a girl so we went with it! Turns out it was a good choice because the weather couldn't have been nicer! The result was fabulous! So many people that are so important to our family were able to be there. Even my dad and company traveled from Mississippi for the party! Having them here and having my Uncle Jeff play the guitar and sing happy birthday to my babies was a very special moment for me! Lots of memories from my on childhood came flooding back. *sigh* So, here are some pictures and a few details... if I leave anything out just holler and I will answer your questions if I can! I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked. My camera died and I was busy hostessing so I did what I could!
The food table before... we hd picnic food... watermelon, strawberries, chips,

lemonade, cookies, capri suns, and a favorite

of the Wonder twins... cheetohs!

Sweet Daisy

The cake table... I'm not a big fan of fondant and I needed something that was easy and fairly "self serve" so we went with cupcakes. The cakes were frosted with green icing to represent grass and were topped off with ants made on a die cut machine! (thank you Mrs. Brenda!) The cake toppers were bought at Hobby Lobby. They were not origially cake toppers but with the help of my black and decker drill they quickly became exactly what I wanted! I just drilled 2 holes in each cupcake to hold the candles! Easy-peasy!
In the background you can see the birthday books for the babies. Each birthday my childrn get a new book to pass around at the party. All of the guests sign it and write a little message to the children. It's a great keepsake and a perfect momento of a special day! This year I realized I had not yet given the babies God Gave Us You. All of the ther children have it and it was a must have in their collections as well so it was an easy choice. :) close up of the ants...marching! The kids loved them!

The entertainment... My Uncle Jeff

eye-balling the foodtable...yum!

our party games consisted of old fashioned fun.... playing with friends! petting the dog fun on the swing set! They played in the play house too! We also had a pinata at the end of the party but by that time the camera's batteries were long gone!

Next we snacked on the munchies!

funny- my kids are the only ones eating! Everyone else was playing!

Then we had cake...

Everyone gathered around for that and it sent little Bud into a bit of a tailspin!He really doesn't like being the center of attention unless it's on his terms! Finally, he calmed down a bit and enjoyed his yummy cake! It was a great party and the kids had a blast! It was also an easy party to plan! Just think picnic and pray for sunshine!

Now, back to the real world, where my babies are 2 years old, my house is a disaster, 2 of my children re currently in time out, and I have nothing prepared for dinner but my husband will be home in 30 minutes! Yikes!!


Blessed Bentons said...

Sad we had to miss it!!! Looks like they had the BEST are such a terrific mom, friend!! They will appreciate all you do for them as they grow up!

Love ya!

plaxico6 said...

I have been waiting to see the party pictures. You didn't dissapoint :) I LOVED LOVED LOVED their clothes :) The picnic theme worked well....great job as always! Happy Birthday Wonder Twins!! :)