Friday, May 7, 2010

What I've learned this week...

People are resilient.
Water is powerful.
The Great Flood of Nashville isn't really a big news maker for the national media- regardless of the damage, death and destruction done to an entire city.
I am so grateful for a leaky ceiling compared to what could have been.

Getting quotes and estimates for house stuff bugs me.
I like things done quickly and right. I do not like being talked to as if I don't know anything. Thankyouverymuch!
Builders make mistakes.
Potty training boys is not for the weak.
There are ups and downs in this potty training thing.
Be creative.
Slow down.
There are not enough hours in the day.
Plan ahead.
Weekly dinner menus are my friend.
Laundry multiplies faster than rabbits around here. I think I'm caught up, then I blink, and there are 2 more piles of laundry.
Clean clothes do not put themselves away- no matter how often I wish it would happen!
I want a farm. With a garden. And animals. Not big ones- nothing more than hip high.
Putting my house on the market terrifies me! I can't fathom the idea of having a home presentable to show with 5 little people living here!
When you have a rough day, sitting on the back porch with a baby bird is very calming.
I could/should sweep the floors 5x a day. Twice a day isn't enough.
The babies are frustrated. They want to keep up with their siblings but haven't figured out this walking thing yet.
My kids are growing. I knew that, but last night while putting them in the tub, there was noticeably less room. It made me sad. (We bathe all 5 together right now in our big tub).

Daisy is hysterical.
Puddin isn't shy at school anymore! This is HUGE! She even stood on a stage to help a magician last week at school. I was amazed and proud and wanted to cry.
Monkey Do is very, very musical. His new favorite song... Oh Susanna! (yep- it's precious!)
Bud didn't need an exorcism- just amoxicillan. yay!
Monkey See is extremely competitive. He likes to be first and win, every time.
I need to be more disciplined with my quiet time.
Next time I go to the grocery store I need to get 5 free cookies instead of 3. The babies noticed they did not have one. It did not go well.
Next time I go to the grocery store I need to make sure Monkey Do has his balloon tied to his wrist or I will hear about his lost balloon for days afterwards.
It's May, January-April have come and gone, and I have 2 baby showers to plan, today.
The witching hour is coming- every dingle day- prepare for it and be more patient. It really shouldn't surprise me, it happens
I am a sucker for puppy dog eyes.
Rock more.
An evening with a cup of coffee and a good friend is priceless.
Hubby and I are overdue for a date. Must book a babysitter, today.
The babies are becoming toddlers before my eyes- while it's exciting- it also make me sad.
I need to dust the blinds. today.
The babies like to shriek- at the tip of their lungs- it's an attention getter for sure. I think my hearing is being affected.
I can strap a 30 pound baby into a 5 point harness car seat, one handed, while holding another 25 pound baby on my hip. It's a gift. I should be in the circus.
Nap time, sweet sacred nap time, is changing around here these days. I don't like it, but I'm trying to embrace it and be more positive about it.
The port-a-potty must go back in the van today.
My idea of "getting ready" before I leave the house had drastically changed. drastically.
My kids love each other- really love each other. It makes me cry too- but the happy kind of tears. :)
Remember to soak it all in. These days will be gone before I know it. And then, I will be sad. And cry.
I am blessed.
I'm sure there are many more things I learned this week but thanks to baby brain, I can't remember what they are!
I'll try to be back next week with more pictures antics and fun stuff to share. Until then, Happy Mother's Day!


Katie said...

Wait...your moving?? Where are you moving too? Putting your house on the market with young kids is also not for the weak. I was potty training Conner and Matt was only home on the weekends. Not the most joyous time in my life...So glad it is over. Maybe you can live at a hotel or something while it is on the market. I thought of that many times.

Melissa from Puddin Pop Designs said...

No- we're not moving yet. I can't seem to get the courage up to take that plunge. right now we are just window shopping . I'd love to have some land. More open space would be nice!