Monday, May 17, 2010

Preschool with Puddin

The other day the babies and I were downstairs while puddin and the boys were upsatirs playing. I noticed it was quiet, which usually only happens when they are napping. After a few minutes I made my way upstairs and into Puddin's room where I found this...

Also known as Puddin's preschool.

She had the boys and several of her stuffed animals lined up neatly while she read a story to them and played school.

Sooo cute!

She is very into pretend play these days.

Some days she's a mommy and other's a police officer. Some days a teacher and every day a princess ( that one never waivers!).

I love seeing these 3 interact with each other and develop bonds that will last a lifetime! And I can't wait to see Bud and Daisy join in!

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Amy J said...

That IS adorable!