Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Things to remember

I thought I'd stop in for a quick post of some things I want to remember forever. You know, those things the kids say that I'm afraid I'll one day forget.

Here goes, in no particular order,

"my eyes sad"- Monkey Do when he's crying
"You da bess!" -Monkey See
"Ummm, yep!"- any response requiring a yes by Monkey See

"my boo-boo bad, bad huwts" - Monkey Do

bousheas= blueberries- Puddin @ 2years old

doot= dirt- Monkey See and Monkey Do

Monkey Do's all time favorite song right now... Oh Susanna!

Monkey See as he throws a ball. He gets in the "stance" for whatever ball he is throwing and throws with surprising accuracy!

" I not happy to see you wight now!" Monkey do when he's in trouble.

Listening to Daisy "sing" along to Oh Susanna! Too funny!!

I'll fly away- Puddin's favorite song

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