Friday, March 27, 2009

When It Rains...

ok- so we have lived in our nice "new" house since 2004.(meaning it was new when we built it in 2004... sorry I'm tired and smell like formula and baby poop- any indication of the kindof day it's been here?? trust me- you don't want details!)

back to topic...

So, apparently, most of the materials run out of warranty in 5 years time because in the past 2 weeks our house seems to be falling down around us! Now, let me say- I'm not complaining about our living conditions. We have a beautiful, home. BUT- things do seem to be falling apart around us.
Here is the list I compiled today of all of the repairs that are in need in the past 2 weeks... this doesn't count the touch up painting that is needed, among other things.

1. Door knob to our bedroom broke.... how? I don't know.
2. door knob to the pantry door just pulled right off-today- and needs to be repaired.
3.Garage door suddenly quit working-today... I have to stand on my foot, stick out my tongue, sing my ABC's backwards while I hold down the button continuously to get it to close!!! (ok- not really all of that but it sure feels like it!)
4. Indentions in the dry wall of our living room made by a table corner that was continuously pushed into the wall.
5.refrigerator ice maker... kaput! I walked into the kitchen last night to the sound of running water and found my ice maker shooting water out of the refrigerator... everywhere!
6. Our upstairs, vaulted ceiling is leaking...hole in roof?? who knows!!! but everytime it rains... it pours!

Now, that may not sound like a lot to some of you but add that to the combined 5 children ages 3 and under and the sleepy Momma and you have a lot going on in one house!

Needless to say, when we find a handy man, he's gonna love us!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oh My!

There is a new photographer in Murfreesboro and she is FANTASTIC! We were so fortunate to have met her and have her photograph our babies. She does an amazing job so if you are in the Boro area and in need... definitly give her a call!!
Here is the site...

of course, she had the most AMAZING models to work with as well! :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

What's up?

Today is Hubby's 1st day back at work. I can say- I really miss him! He has helped out in so many ways... yesterday I slept until 10:30- yep 10:30! Awesome! Anyway- before you get too excited for me let me say that that did not happen today. In fact, I am running on very little sleep, but that is OK with me. I have all of my precious babies home and right now, everyone is sound asleep **Sigh**. It was time for him t get back to work though- time for me to get a routine going. I think I need it as much as the Puddin and the Monkey's need it too!
I did want to share some pics of what we have been doing around here....

Puddin- so excited that her new babies are finally here! i love, LOVE this picture of her!

Puddin and Daddy... hubby is explaining all of the comotion to her.

Sweet babies!

baby "Bud"

baby "Daisy"

The Fabulous Five!

So, in a nutshell, we have just been doing life... and loving it!
Thanks for all of the prayers and well wishes too. I'll be back soon- I hear a baby!
Much love, Melissa

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

They're Here!

I have so much to say! This has truly been a whirlwind of a week! The babies are here- they were actually born last Tuesday!! I went to the Dr. for a check up and ended up delivering that evening instead! I can give pics and details later. For now, please pray for my little "Daisy". She is still in the hospital and we are planning to bring her home tomorrow but her blood pressure is up and the doctors want to continue to observe her overnight. I am praying for God's healing hand to fix whatever is causing her blood pressure to be high and for her health to be 100%. She is such a beautiful baby!! Big bother "Bud" is doing fantastic! He came home with us on Saturday and he is such a good baby and equally as beautiful! Always happy... just eats and sleeps. Occasionally he looks around and smiles real shy like. I think he misses his sister. The Monkeys and Puddin are really doing well too. We are working really hard to get our routine back in order. It will take a couple of weeks, I'm sure. Puddin is so excited to have her baby sister come home, as are we. I know she will be here soon, but he waiting is sooo hard!
Thank you all for your prayers! I promise to post later with pictures and more details!
Oh- the weights... Bud weighed 6lbs, 15 oz, and Daisy weighed 7lbs, 2oz.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The countdown!

9 days to go! WOO HOO!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Chocked Full of Sweetness!

So for Valentines Day we decided to have a play date. Puddin really wanted some of her best good friends to come over to play. This sounded like harmless good fun! We set the date and invited the friends. Then mommy's wheels started turning of all the fun things we could do! I finally settled on cookie decorating! Since the Monkeys would also be involved I did sort of second guess myself a couple of times but I am so glad I stuck with it! The girls- and the Monkeys- had a great time!

I had already prepared one batch of cookies to cover the down time so we started by rolling out the dough, using cookie cutters and placing them in the pan... this was fun but nothing like the fun they had once this batch was in the oven! After we put these in the oven I pulled out the batch I had cooked earlier so the girls could start decorating! Wow- girls must come with a gene for loving icing! They had a ball decorating these cookies! The Monkey's just enjoyed eating everything in sight!

After everything was decorated we packaged up one cookie for each girls daddy and some freshly baked cookies they could take home and decorate later. Then the girls made a beeline for the princess dresses-Monkeys in tow! It was a fun morning and Puddin and I are looking forward to doing it again!

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Nursery

First- here are some pics of the cutest little "cookers" in the world! Yes- chef's in my house are known as cookers! And no- we are not afraid of pink!

Monkey Do with his sister, cooking mommy some lunch!

Monkey See gettig in on the fun too!

See, aren't they just the cutest little things! I could squeeze the stuffing out of the half the time- they are just sooo cute!

Well, here are some much anticipated pics of the new nursery.. several coats of paint later! Poor Hubby has been the BEST through it all! Let me just say- it still isn't finished. I have a few things left to do. I still need to cover the chair and I have the babies names I need to add to the wall- I'm just trying to figure out the best place for them.
The walls are Khaki with pink and blue polka dots. The furniture is white and we have accented everything with those 4 colors. The art work is from Puddin's nursery when she was itty-bitty. It's from the children's book Guess How Much I love You. The colors just worked with what we were doing so rather than re-invent the wheel- we went with what we already had. I think it turned out really well.

This is the view from the door...

Daisy's crib...

Bud's crib...

The changing table... this still needs something... I'm just not sure what yet!

This is the rocking/feeding area. Notice the art work and that is the chair I still need to recover.

The armoire... the outifts hanging on the bottom are the ones the babies wil lwear home from the hospital.

Inside the room looking out- view of the closet door.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Quick Post

Well, I have been trying to post for a few days and something has either been wrong with blogger or my computer.. needless to say, it's finally working and I am short on time! I think I hear the monkeys waking up from their nap and we are headed for an evening visit with the in-laws today. The kiddos are pretty excited about their trip! It's just for dinner but they always have tons of fun!

Ok- baby countdown... delivery was moved to March 17th (doc over scheduled the 16th) so we are planning to welcome 2 little leprechauns in 12 days! YAY!!!! We are ready! Well, sort of. I still have a few things to do and I think I will get to them every day but this is a heavy load to carry and I get tire out pretty easily. So usually, when I have the time available (naptime) I end up using it for something else (a nap!).

I do have a quilt and a doll to still finish but I plan to get to those before Monday!

The ultrasound "photo shoot"... well, let's just say it's hard to believe that my belly looks like that! It's sort of like hearing your voice on a recording... you know it's you but it still doesn't sound like your voice... that's kind of how the pictures are. I will say, once again, Kate is extremely talented and all of her pictures have just been wonderful! I am so glad we took her up on the opportunity!

Ok- just out of time... gotta get kiddos up and dressed, give a snack, pack some toys, head to in-laws and pay some bills on the way!
Much love,