Monday, May 9, 2011

Ups and Downs

So, April has come and gone.
It appears I ran out of time (once again) to post.
Have I mentioned life here is busy?
Like Crazy Busy??
I'm sure I have.
like 20,000x's
I really need to get back in the rhythm of posting. It seems like after I missed a few days I start to feel like a few more won't matter, and then it just feels awkward to come back on here and post.
And then my family says, "Show us some pictures!"
I guess all I can say is patience. Even though I need this little blog to document and keep up with memories for me- it has become hard to document them while I'm in the midst of living them!
There are hundreds of things I have wanted to get on here- so I don't forget- but they will never pass over this keyboard because, sadly, I have forgotten them.
**OH- just remembered one! Monkey Do says kiss the sweetest way... it sounds like "chiss". He tells me 20x a day, "momma, you da best, Let me give you a chiss!"

So since this post is titled "ups and downs" I thought I'd share a few pictures from Puddin's Egg Drop Ceremony at preschool the other day.

And when I say it was full of ups and downs, I am not eggs-agerating!

Bud, sweet little Bud, had a monstrous meltdown that had me in tears the rest of the day and feeling like the worst mom to walk the planet. A sweet friend reminded me that he is just passionate, and that is a good thing. I keep reminding myself of that too.

so proud! Her egg survived the fall!
It's hard to believe her preschool experience is coming to an end!!! Only a few days left!

In other news... I've started texting! look out!!! Sadly, I am still really slow but, I am getting there. Or mabe it's sadder that I feel like I've accomplished something by getting on the text bandwagon?

My "mother's thumb" is acting up in a bad way. Seriously aggrivating! I have avoided the steroid shots up to now but I am considering acupuncture to help it... never tried it but willing to give it a shot.

yes, that is an Elmo DVD case Bud is carrying around in the pictures above. He carries one nearly every day. Sleeps with it too and he even throws a fit if I bathe him without it in his hands. Strange? Maybe, but it makes him happy and he's not too particular about the case as long as Elmo is on it. Plus, at least it's a comfort item that want require orthodontic work down the road.

And if you want to know what's going on in this picture, come back tomorrow and I will explain!

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Blessed Bentons said...

Love the pictures...can't believe how fast they are growing up!

Totally understand the's going on around these parts too!! ;)

Love you friend.