Sunday, May 22, 2011


It's that time of year... graduation time!

I remember being a senior and on top of the world at the end of May!

Now, while I'm happy of my Puddin and the little girl she is becoming, so much of me wants to keep her "as is". She has a personality that is priceless and a smile to go right along with it!

I love this little girl so much it makes my heart hurt!

While getting her ready for her last day of preschool I stopped to wonder at how quickly these days, weeks and years have passed!

Some might say, "She's only graduating from preschool". Yes, but that's still a big deal! She leaving those sweet precious baby years behind and is becoming a school aged kid. wow!

Before her visiting day at kindergarten, she was not looking forward to making the change. That day was very special for us because it got her excited about kindergarten. And even though I would LOVE to keep her in preschool forever, I wanted her to be happy about kindergarten.

I thought the fear of moving on had left us.

Until I picked her up from school on Wednesday... in tears! She cried for an hour after school- just sad that it was ending. :( poor baby!

Then on Thursday night, graduation night, her sweet teacher shared these pictures with me.

Apparently, the last day of school was hard for all of these little ones! These girls are just precious and my Puddin loves each of them so much! She was afraid she'd never see them again since they are all going to different schools.

We made our way through the tears with the help of a much needed nap and we were finally ready to put on a happy face for graduation that evening!

We went to our favorite Italian restaurant and had a special dinner with the grandparents and cousin G. It was really nice.

Finally we headed over to the preschool (Which I LOVE and am so happy my boys will be attending next year!)

Here are a few pictures to commemorate the event.... Puddin and mommy before the ceremony.

My sweet girl making her way down the aisle.

Puddin with her fellow graduating preschool friends.

The gangs all here!!

Something looks to be going awry here.... things are starting to unravel.... poor thing!

Many, many tears were shed at the end of the ceremony.

Finally, here is Puddin and her besty. She loves this little girl and we are hoping to get some playdates scheduled so they can spend more fun times together.

So, all in all, a great night, full of smiles and tears too.

Kind of like life.

I love you Puddin! Happy graduation!

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