Sunday, April 10, 2011

Out Takes

Well, I tried to get a picture of my crew with my daddy... this was the result. Ha! Chaos at its finest! We really have it down to an art these days! :)

It appears as if Daisy is giving him an ear full to start off...

or maybe it's just the warning of what's to come?

Here they are... The fabulous 5, my Daddy and my nephew "B". In hindsight, this was a good picture. We probably should have stopped here.But- I thought, surely I can get a better one with everyone looking at the camera and smiling. In my defense, I had not been awake long and I truly am not a morning person. I think much clearer late at night! Even this shot was a good one considering what's about to happen... This is when it starts to fall apart... Bud on the run is a dead giveaway things will end poorly! You can barely see Monkey See in the back ground here. My Daddy, deciding it would be a good idea to hold Bud and Daisy to help contain them for the picture, inadvertently put poor Monkey See in a choke hold! Also notice- Puddin is still holding her pose. Ever the professional! My dear daddy, begging for help! Monkey See coming up for air! Puddin broke her pose... everyone is fading fast! My daddy giving in- Bud wins again! He is (sadly) undefeated!!!

His strength and determination are seriously hard to comepete with.

That boy is hard headed!

At least my Daddy was still smiling and no one was harmed during this "photo shoot"!

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