Saturday, May 21, 2011

Easter Rewind

We had an absolutely fabulous Easter this year.

Easter is probably my favorite holiday and it's so fun watching children understand the meaning behind it.

I also get to host our Easter dinner so that's super fun for me too!

I'm so far behind in updating everyone with what's going on, and since I was unable to get a family Easter photo (it's pretty much impossible these days....mostly because of this little guy) I thought I'd share some outtakes instead.
He's cute alright, but don't let that sweet face fool you! He's quick and he's determined!

Case in point... the family photo. Should be easy right, line up, look at mommy, say cheese. NOPE.

Not going to happen. He makes us work for it!

checking to see if anyone is in pursuit...



Next we went around tot he backyard to see if our "Magic Jellybeans" had grown anything over night.

Sure enough, they had! Each of the children had a giant lollipop grow right where they planted their jellybeans the night before!

They were thrilled!

Since Sunday mornings are so crazy in our house (getting everyone up, fed, dressed and out the door in a good mood to make it to church on time) we have agreement with the Easter Bunny... he can come to our house, as long as he comes while we are at church so that the kids can have their baskets after church instead of before. We would never get out the door if we didn't do it that way!

here they are checking out their goodies!


Very happy kiddos!

getting ready for the egg hunt!

The haul!

Competition was so fierce Puddin had to trade her basket in for a bag and she

nearly lost her bow this year!

Gotta love Daisy's snarl! She just wants the candy at this point!

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