Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What Happened??

Ok- something weird is happening with my blogger stuff again.
I have my comments set to be moderated and they are supposed to go my inbox first... they haven't been.
When I finally found them this morning I hit "publish" but now see that they have disappeared! Gone off into blogland somewhere forever!

So, I had 4 comments this morning and 2 were for custom orders... if one of them was for you- I am sorry!! Please just email me directly at mhudspeth at msn dot com and I will get back with you that way! I will need the size, fabric (chenille or minky), color and hair style and color/texture, eye color and Bible verse. If you want a name on the back please specify that as well.

OH- BTW- on PINT SIZE PUDDINS I can no longer do pig tails. Sorry! It's just too much hair for a little itty bitty head and it tends to cause a lot of problems in the creation process. So PINT SIZE PUDDINS ONLY COME IN BOBS these days.

Thanks for understanding!
Have a great day!!

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