Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday my Sunday school class got together for a trip to the local pumpkin patch after church. Several families were able tomake it so we had lots of fun. There were tons of people there too! Puddin was finally big enough to go through the hay maze... which was really funny! Her first experience at it took her several tries to figure out! Finally, one of her little frineds was able to show her a shortcut! Regardless she had a super fun time!
We were able to pet the animals and feed a few. Ever since she found out we were going she kept saying she wanted to see the chickens. I don't know why she thought there should be chickens at a pumpkin patch but she got her wish! They had lots of them to look at and she was thrilled! Monkey do was especially fond of the calves and the little tractors they had for the children to ride. Monkey See enjoyed the play area and the pumpkin patch! He is obsessed with balls so anytime he sees something round he assumes it's a ball.
All in all we had a great day, even though no one, yes, no,one had a nap! In fact, as we loaded the van all 3 children started crying becaus ethey didn't want to leave (and they were severely sleep deprived!. Needless to say, after dinner and a much needed bath, all were asleep and the house was quiet by 6:30 last night!
Here are a few of the highlights of the day!

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