Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Calling all "Little Marthas"

Well, here are some pitures of the aprons I have been working on. Puddin is modeling her apron I made back in March. There are standard "girly", frilly ones and I also have some for the holidays. The turkeys are just too cute and Puddin really wants to keep them!
If you see one you like or if you would like to place a special order let me know. You can add your child's name or some other message on the front.
The aprons I have in stock are $8.
Custom orders are $10.
The first apron is one for fall... cute pumpkin man!

The next one is a Halloween apron


Christmas... I have a few more in "traditional Christmas colors that I am working on but no pics yet.

And finally- Frilly!!
"Kiss the cook"



"Mama's Little Helper"

Tomorrow I plan to post some pics of the Scotty Rattles and the peanut babies.
See ya soon!

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