Monday, October 6, 2008

I wanna Puddin Pop!

I have had several people asking how to get a Puddin Pop doll of their own... here's how- just email or call me! Most of you have my number or my business card and can just give me a call.
The pre-made dolls that are shown are $20 each. If you see one you are interested in please email me and I will give you more detail about the scripture on the doll.
I also accept custom orders. To place a custom order I will need to know the scripture of your choice, haircolor, eye color and if you want curly or straight hair. Also, you can choose the color of your doll and the clothing. Custom dolls are $25.
I have also been making children's aprons and little "peanut babies" as well. I will post more about them later.
I am still taking orders for Christmas so if you are interested please let me know soon.

Well, since I'm making the most of naptime I had better get some other things done!

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