Thursday, October 7, 2010


Last night, while sewing by the light of the moon, I ran the sewing machine needle through my middle finger. Yep- it hurt. Still does.

Daisy has the croup, and some gunk to go along with it. Monkey do had it last week. She's a bit cranky and very sensitive. It seems her brother Bud, keeps making her cry.

Speaking of croup, Puddin was feeling sorry for poor Daisy in the van yesterday and said, "Momma, I'm so sorry Daisy has the crickets, poor thing!" hehe!

Monkey Do is very, very into Farmer Jason. Do you know him? He's a regular around here.
MD has even decided that he is going to be Farmer Jason for Halloween. In fact, for 3 weeks straight he asked me every single day if I had made him some "farmer clothes" yet. And every day I said, no not yet. Finally while at Target one night I saw some overalls and voila! MD has his farmer clothes! FYI- he has worn them every day since them (I have been able to sneak in 1 wash!)

Huge Praise! My sister in law that I mentioned a while back and asked ya'll to pray for is finally out of the hospital and in a rehab facility now!! Truly, her story is amazing! I wish she weren't so far away so I could give her a hug and see her smiling face!

Nap time- oh glorious nap time- ugh! It's a bust around here these days. It seems 3 out of my 5 children aren't really into naps anymore. This really complicates things for me since that is when I would typically work or rest- depending on which was most urgent at the time. Also, it's another sure sign they are growing up. *sigh* bittersweet.
Speaking of growing up, Monkey Do has another obsession. For the past 6 days he has made mention to me that he is growing, It goes a little something like this,
"Watch dis Momma, watch dis! Did ya see dat?? I gwowing up wight now!! See me!! I a gwown up man now!"
And every day I tell him I do think he grew a little but he's still not a grown up man... that takes time. bittersweet.

And Bud... where do I start? Maybe I shouldn't. Now is just not a good time probably. Let's just say we're having issues and each day seems to be more challenging than then next. The child has a personality all his own.
He is either happy
or he's not.
No in between.
Combine that with a very, very short fuse and well, I think you get the picture. I could do a whole series of posts on Bud. Maybe I will. He definitely challenges my mothering skills. I guess I should look at is a learning opportunity! Ha!
Monkey See loves, loves loves school! This makes me happy since he was the one that needed it the most and was most reluctant to go. We saw one of his teachers this week out and about and it thrilled him to no end to see his "fwiend" as he called her. After that, every where we went he wondered if he would see his "fwiend" there too. So cute.
Hubby's working hard. I love him so much. He is such a wonderful husband and daddy.

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