Sunday, October 17, 2010


This weekend we celebrated Puddin's 5th birthday.

Puddin... just minutes old!


Puddin at 1 year old

How can she be 5 already?!

2 years old

My sweet baby girl has grown so much, so quickly.

Puddin (3 years old) and Monkey Do (15 months)

She even told me today,
"Hey momma, guess what? I'm not shy anymore!
Isn't that cool!?"

Puddin on her 4th birthday

Yes, she is growing up and I'm so proud
of the little girl she has become!

Puddin Oct. 2010

I will be sharing pictures and stories from her birthday celebration as well as other things we have been doing this October but I have some serious sewing to do over the next few days so I'm afraid the posting may be scarce around here for a bit! Bear/bare? with me as I try to keep up!

Since I try to only "work" while the kiddos are sleeping so I can be mommy while they are awake, and the majority of my crew is no longer napping for a 3 hour stretch, and I have a husband I would like to spend time with, I have to sew during my "spare" time.

But- I promise to share lots of details of my Puddin Pop's
special day just as soon as I can!

It was really "tweet!"

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Benton Family said...

It looks like it was from the really cute cake! :) Anxious to see the pictures! Hope you are doing good, friend!

Love ya!