Saturday, October 2, 2010

Custom Orders

Hello friends...
I'm taking a quick break from the humm of the machine right now because it just dawned on me that I had not updated everyone! I am officially in the midst of the "busy season". (Not just my real life as mommy either... 'nother story- 'nother time.

No, this is Puddin Pop Busy Season around here. It seems the humm of the machine is the constant background noise through every nap and in between moment I can catch.

So in effort to not take too much time away from my hubby and my littles I will only be taking custom orders through Nov. 15th. After that, it's directly off the shelf orders only!
I'm currently working on some cutie-patooties too! I have 4 shows this fall, the most I've ever done in one season! I'm nervous and anxious and excited about it all at the same time! So for now, I'm finishing up some current orders and working on stock for the shows.

Also know, due to this being "busy season" and all, it will take longer for your order to be processed. Please allow 3 weeks (maybe more, but hope not) for your order to be completed. If sickness hits my family (Please, Lord, no more!) it may take longer. Right now I'm finishing up some orders from late August because In the past 4 weeks we have had 2 stomach virus', a nasty bout of toddlers diarrhea (yep, it's real... just ask google)and currently a case of tonsillitis and croup!!

When would you like to visit?!?!

Throw in a little separation anxiety by a certain toddler (it's really, really terrible- I'll share soon) and an upcoming birthday to plan as well as just getting back in the swing of things in general and you have my life right now! So, I promise, I am working on your orders just as quickly as I can and they will ship as soon as they are completed!

So for now, hubby's on "daddy duty" and I better get back to work!


Katie said...

Um, you think you have time in your busy schedule to come up here and help with my boys birthday party? I am sure you can squeeze in a 12 hour drive up here. ;)

Melissa from Puddin Pop Designs said...

oh! I would love too if I could- I love planning birthday parties but 12 hours is a loooong way!! Wonder if I could squeeze in a little mommy vacation?! Ha! Hubby probably wouldn't go for it!