Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Today was another well check appointment at our friendly pediatrician's office. I've written about these experiences here, and in a couple of other places too, that I can't find now- oh well. Feel free to scour the archives if you really want to hear about all of the other misadventures. (note to self- I really must re-organize my labels when I have time).

Anyway, in true Flowers form- today was no different than any other visit, except the children are bigger, and if possible, louder. The cast of characters played their part to Oscar winning standards and now I'm exhausted! I was planning to do the long awaited birthday post for the Monkey's but, it will have to wait until later tonight or tomorrow.

These 2 little darlings were the stars of the show....
Don't let their sleepy eyed innocence fool you....
Maybe this is a more telling photo of what was to come...
Almost there... Monkey Do is starting with his persuasive charms.... and before I knew it, Bud was on board with both barrels blazing!!

Now- that's about right... imagine the shrieks that went along with this face combined with Monkey Do deciding he would do the complete opposite of ANYTHING that was asked of him throughout the entire well check appointment, on top of an additional 3, albeit compliant, children also crammed in to this 6x6 exam room and you have exactly 1 hour and 15 minutes of sheer TORTURE!!!

Thankfully Monkey See, Puddin and Daisy were really, really good.

So, who wants to tag along and help next time??

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