Saturday, July 31, 2010

Come Fly with Me (part 3)

Final installment.. I promise!

Birthday cake! Boy did they love it! And yes, I gave them their whole cake with a fork and just let them dig in! They didn't eat near all of it but it made their day even more special to be able to do something so out of the normal!

Finally, the boys opened their gifts. They were given lots of great stuff and they had a ball opening up each new treasure!

And, the after show once we were home and had all had a nap... Puddin and Monkey Do "rocking out" with the new guitars in our master bedroom. Remember when I said I hadn't cleaned up... plus I had surgery and could barely walk.... try not to notice the mess!

And a little dress up time too! Aren't they the cutest little Buzz Light Years ever???

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