Friday, July 30, 2010

Come Fly with Me (part 2)

Ok... so for our second installment I thought I would include the activities.

We started off by painting our wooden bi-planes. Easy and fun and each one was certainly unique! The kids all did a great job on them. We just sat them outside in the blazing hot heat and they were dry in no time!

Our littlest party goer (almost 3 weeks old!) little L. He napped most of the time.
So, so sweet!!

Then we had our "in flight meal". Yum-Yum! The kids really enjoyed their lunches I think. Especially since they were already put together.

Puddin and M1 sharing lunch... lounging around eating, much like the Bible times! Ha!
Nana trying to feed Bud... he's a busy boy with a hearty appetite!

After that it was time for the pinata! In my opinion, Pinatas are a crowd pleaser! Especially if you have kids of all ages at a party like we did.
Puddin taking a big swing!
M2 hits it great!

Way to go Monkey See- he was serious about it this year!

M1 taking a big swing!

A3- gotta love that form!

Priceless!! Such a girl!

One handed determined swing!

This one makes me smile- that is totally me when I swing at one too!! Love you A1!

Cousin G

Bud's turn at bat!

Daisy had a great time!

Monkey Do really getting into it!

A2 hits it out of the park again! Notice the candy falling to the ground!

Next we went on a tour of some of the planes. First stop was a 757(? I think those are the right numbers!)

Headed to the big plane...

My Alma mater (the school, not the plane) ;)

up the steps to the inside of the plane...

Monkey See was LOVING this!

eee-gads!! Nasty seats!!! I guess this would be the coach section.

And here we have 1st class! Princess Puddin was strapping in to make sure she didn't get booted back to coach! ha!

In the cockpit... very cool!

on the steps outside- about this time we had a great breeze come up! It felt soo nice!

Mr. Jack- our tour guide for the planes.

Sweet Daisy, " Are you coming daddy??"
Anyway, it was really cool to see the inside and the kids really liked sitting in the cockpit too. Also the wheels of the plane were so gigantic! They were pretty amazed by those but my mom got all of those pics. I'll have to share that another time.

Next we went to a plane that the flight school uses to train up and coming pilots. The kids all got to sit inside and practice their flying too. The cool thing about the airport is that you can also schedule with the flight school to have aerial tours of Murfreesboro for a party once the kids are a certain age. We kept our planes on the ground- Momma's not ready to have her babies up in the air just yet!

My bestie Renee's kiddos... too sweet for words!

Cousin G- man he's growing up!

Sweet birthday boy cheesin for the camera! His brother was still working up his nerve to even get inside the plane!

Puddin and her bestie M.

My bestie Christi's boys... again- growing up sooo quickly!!

Finally my little Moneky Do was convinced the plane would stay and the ground and not make any loud noises so he and Daddy could safely climb inside. They are both sooo cute!

OK- I'm sure at this point, I only have grandparents reading any further. So stay tuned for tomorrow when we cover cake and gifts!

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Courtney said...

I have tons that I would love to comment on but I first must say NO WAY you went o MTSU, my best friends/hubbys coworkers are alum as well. How funny!
CUTE bday theme, I just did the same for my sweet oldest's second birthday :)
I love your blog and enjoy reading it when I get a minute.