Monday, December 15, 2008

How Big is a Puddin Pop Kid??

Well, I delivered 19 Puddins, 3 Peanuts, 2 dresses and a scotty rattle this weekend!! Only 9 Puddins, a few aprons and a couple of dresses to go to finish out the Christmas orders! Things have been busy here! On top of all of the sewing we have tried to make some family time and enjoy the true meaning of the season. We had a wonderful weekend and I will share more on that later.

For now I needed to address something I heard a lot of this weekend... "I didn't know they were that big!" Apparently, my photography skills are lacking and I should have been adding the size to the info on the dolls. The dolls range in size from 19-24 inches. So, they are not little as the picture might make some people think. I don't use a pattern so each doll truly is unique and one of a kind. The size just depends on what I cut out!!

Speaking of cutting out... I had better get to it if I want to finish anytime soon!Below are a few of the babies I delivered this weekend!
Have a great day!

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