Thursday, December 4, 2008

babies... update

I had a doctor visit yesterday to check up on my little nuggets. Shepherd is doing great! He has flipped head down now but is quite the wiggly little guy! Even though the ultrasound pictures are sometimes hard to see I just think he looks absolutely precious!! When the tech started he and Emery were head to head...must have been sharing secrets at that time. Anyway, once she was ready to scan Emery she was gone! The little stinker had flipped the opposite way and was trying to get away! Poor little Shepherd kept getting kicked in the face!!! She was doing somersaults and flips like crazy! At one point it looked like she was laying on he back and lifting her legs up over her head! She was definitly stretching out!!

They are both so precious.. it still amazes me the capacity to love someone so much that you have never really seen! Hubby and I feel so blessed to be the mommy and daddy of all of our little ones, these 2 included. I can't wait to hold them and see their little faces! Each phase of babyhood on up has been my favorite! isn't that wierd?? I just love it all. Don't get me wrong, a little more sleep and peace would be nice too but watching them develop and seeing those personalities emerge is definitly a blessing.

Unless of course, one unnamed Monkey turns quickly into a possessed, screaming, raging monster that you have absolutely no idea what to do with... I'll save that post for later. I am actually still recovering from that event and may need therapy!!
Happy Thursday to all of you!

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