Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Things have been super busy here as with everyone else I'm sure! Anwyay- just a quick post to say what a great Thanksgiving we had with 3 sick little ones! It all worked out though and we ended up having a great day!

Also a quick note to say that I will be closing Christmas orders for all things Puddin Pop on Dec. 15th. So, if you want to order please put your order in before the 15th!! So far, I am running about a week turn around time for those poeple who are local to the 'boro. If you live outside of the boro it takes a little longer due to delivery. this includes dolls, aprons, quilts, rattles and pillow case dresses.
I plan to open orders back up in January but I also have nursery to put together sooo... wish me luck!


enjoying a little popcorn as they watch an all time favorite.... Barney!

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