Monday, May 7, 2012

5 on 5...on the 7th

SOoooo, waaaay back when I had decided I was going to do the whole 5 on 5 thing every month. Then life happened and the blog posts didn't. MAN, I thought the baby years were busy!

I have soo much to share and I really, really want to find time to sit down and document it all- so very much has happened! *But for now, because I literally have less than 5 minutes to do this, I'm going to stick w/ 5 on 5.
So, here is the pic from april:
 My silly crew before Easter Service at our church.
And, I'm not really sure if this was even taken on the 5th, but let's just pretend that it was.

So, onto May, when the picture truly was taken on the 5th!
hmmm, I wonder if we need a bigger pool? They sure were having fun!
All of my babies squeezed tightly into their little nest!

*disclaimer- my "less than 5 minutes" ran out 3 hours ago. The truth- I had to stop the post, make a quick round of clean up through the house, dress Puddin for dance and appologize to hubby for not having any dinner when he walked in! ugh. So 3 hours later I'm back here wrapping up the post. :)  

**disclaimer #2- blogger has changed since my last post so it did take a me a little longer to figure out where some things were located. I still haven't found the new spellcheck button. forgive me. 

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