Monday, January 9, 2012

George Washington was a, a, Pirate?

This little guy

has fallen in love, admiration, whatever you want to call it, with George Washington. You can't tell by the above picture, but the book he is carrying is titled, George Washington.  The cover of the book looks something similar to this:

When I think GW, this is what I think of...

But, this is what Bud thinks of....
So when he found this old book of mine from my teaching days, a simple reader entitled George Washington, he immediately belted out, "Wook, Mommy, a Pi-what!
He then went and found an old $1 bin pirate hat from our dress up box and ta-da! a modern day George Washington, or, er, pirate, was born! He has worn this hat DAILY since early October.
Don't believe me??
See for yourself!
 He wore it while singing in the rain,
 While catching bugs in the backyard,

 while waiting to roast hotdogs in the backyard,

 While having lunch with his sister,

 while hanging with dad at the apple orchard,

 while cruising in the tractor,

while riding on a hayride at the pumpkin patch,
While eating donuts,

while climbing trees,

while making pizza
(dressed as superman)
 (yes, it was a confusing day for most people we ran into.)

and, while posing for family pictures.
It's only now that he has eased up with this little obsession.
Good thing since the book is tattered and falling to pieces.

I'm glad we were able to catch this little phase on film.
And, I happen to think he is waaay cuter than GW!
I love my Bud!  

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Take Up Your Cross said...

Thanks for the memories honey, concerning little pirate george.