Friday, December 23, 2011

How to find the Perfect Christmas Tree

So, we decided that due to our busy schedules this year we weren't going to be able to go on our annual Christmas Tree Pilgrimage on a  weekend. Instead, it would have to be after school/work one day. We didn't really take into account the fact that is would get dark while we were hunting. It did. I must admit, there was a moment or two when I thought I could possibly be stranded in a Christmas Tree forest with 5 little people and require a search and rescue team.... a little scary! However, this family's got skilz and we made it work-without a flashlight... unlike some peeps who came prepared!

I must say, I think we have a new tradition! Momma doesn't particularly LOVE crowds and neither does Bud. Together we can be a bit much for Hubby I think (poor thing). But here's the thing... searching for a Christmas tree in the dark is virtually crowd free!!! As Puddin would say, "Yipee-Hallelujah!"

Yes, you have the dynamic of making sure you don't loose any children, but, as we discovered, they don't wander far when they can't see! It's a win-win I tell ya! And if I must say, This is my all time favorite tree evah!!

So here is our "pilgrimage" in photos.

 Christmas tree farm arrival...still some sunlight. 

 Look intimidating for the "crowds"

 getting his game on...
 ...and they're off!!!
 The pilgrimage has begun!
 The fresh air was exhilarating! It smelled soooo good! About this point, one of the kids was left carrying the pole and the other 4 were cutting loose!

 Balancing on tree stumps was a very popular past time...
 as well as sword fighting!
 We still had some light as we entered field #2 in search of the perfect tree. We even managed to wrangle the kids back into the task at hand....
 for a moment anyway!
 And a quick stop for a photo...say "Cheese!"
 Remember "Where's Waldo"? Well, here you have field #3 and Where's the Fabulous 5?? Can you spot them all? They are all there- promise!
 Finally, after moving to field #4 and losing sunlight, we thought we found the right tree! Everyone was on board, this was the one, except Momma. Something just wasn't right. But the daddy and the kids sure are cute!
 Bud was standing firm on his decision until little sister stepped in and they had a "meeting of the minds". She's little, but sure is Spunky!
 We found it!!! YAY!! Right before the camera died too! At this point we had already lost the saw and pole in another field and had to go back for it. It's easy  to get distracted when you are having fun with this crew! After playing a bit of  "Marco Polo" Christmas tree forest style we found each other again and got to work. Yep, it's dark.
And wouldn't you know it... as hubby is sawing by the moonlight, not only does the camera die, but the saw blade breaks! I don't know how he managed to finish the sawing process but I do remember this is when I started to wonder about the possibility of an emergency rescue!
Once we made it back to the barn safely with everyone in tow, the "farmers" prepped our tree and tied it to our van as we sipped hot chocolate and then...we went on a HAYRIDE IN THE DARK! It was so much fun! Cold, but fun! The stars were beautiful and the moon was so very bright. It was fantastic! but- no pics...dead camera.

Finally, after stopping for a quick pizza at a converted gas station because everyone is starving and cold, we finally arrived home with our "Torpedo" Tree!!
 picture, coutesy of my Iphone.

          So... there you have it... how to find the perfect tree! Definitely a tradition we plan to keep! 

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