Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Few of my Favorite things

Hello Sweet Friends and Merry Christmas!! I'm sure you are all in full swing for Christmas right now... it's so hard to believe it's only a couple of days away!
I have finished the final PPK for 2011 and it's bagged up and ready to go, so with that I thought I'd jump back into my bloggy world. So, if you are here looking for Puddin Pop Kids news... stay tuned. There will be lots of updates in January 2012. But for now, I thought I'd share a little from our home life instead.
All around blog land everyone is doing their "Christmas tour of homes". And while I would love to do that as well, the "staging" that would be involved would be exhausting. My house if decorated, but definitely lived in... and I love that! Besides, I am already running on empty from the Puddin Pop-alooza of 2011. 3 hours of sleep/night can wear a girl down.
So, instead I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things. And, without further a do, I give you my Christmas Favorite Things..... not to be confused in any way, shape or form with Oprahs. hehe.

 This is our Christmas card from 2009. My favorite Christmas card- evah! Also, the last one we sent out! HA! Every year since then has been overwhelmingly busy so I have done New Years cards instead. **Note to self- make New Years cards today.

 These are a few of the ornaments from our Jesse Tree. LOVE them. They are simple and colorful and the kids enjoy learning about the meaning behind each of them.

 My nativity. I actually collect Nativities and display them all together. Except this one. Hubby bought this for me the first year we were married. It is BEA*U*TI*FUL! Even with arms hot glued back together- still a beauty! It sits on our dining room table.

 Quite possibly my most favorite Christmas gift of all time. Hand painted pottery by the Fabulous 5. Currently I have 2 place settings of 5. Each year Hubby sneaks out of the house w/ the kiddos and has them paint a piece. Each child paints the same piece every year. This set is from the 1st year when our littles were only 9 moths old! Can you guess which pieces are theirs? Crossing my fingers that I get another set this year!

 Santa This is Puddin visiting Santa while in preschool. Her school has a Santa come every year. Her talented teacher snapped these pics  and I was in love! Just look at her excitement and the look on Santa's face! She came charging him yelling "SANTA! I've missed you soooo much!!" and then leaped into his arms. It was crazy sweet! So I put the pics in sequential order in a frame and pull it out every year to display.
 Our tree. My favorite tree yet. The photo doesn't do it justice. We have a semi-new tradition of going to the Christmas tree farm and cutting down our own tree. This tree is stunning! It's almost 10 feet tall! Our ornaments mostly consist of those given to us as wedding gifts (December wedding) and those made by the kiddos. I love it.

 Another precious preschool craft made by my 3 oldest. I love them.
 Our piano w/ Christmas photos. Hubby and I even have one in there w/Santa. :)
 Another Puddin & Santa picture. I know I already shared one of her, but this is just too cute not to share!
Another one of my nativities from my collection. Also made at preschool by one of my lovies. I adore it.

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