Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Love my Puddin

While I do love my Puddin, I have been meaning to share some
pictures of you and your Puddins.
Somehow, I overlooked it.
So, without further a do... You and your Puddins....

Aren't they just precious!!!
I love getting emails with pictures of you and your sweet Puddins
so keep sending them in!

And finally... this one just warms my heart.
This little guy is a reminder for his sisters of their brother,
far away in Africa right now.
I just love that they have him to play with and to
remind them to pray for a little brother in a land far away.


Kait said...

I should send you a new picture - he now sits in the bedroom for our sons! And every time our girls see him, they say "That's our brother's doll!"


Melissa from Puddin Pop Designs said...

Yes! Definitely send me one, Kait! I need to pop over and see how things are coming along for ya'll and those sweet boys of yours!