Thursday, September 2, 2010

Any takers??

Ok- so I mentioned last week that I had a "pre" consignment sale for the real consignment sale I had planned to do with the "multiples club". Ya'll, it was plain embarrassing how much stuff we had! Now in our defense, we do have 5 children and they were born in different seasons, and with the exception of a stroller and bassinet that belonged to Puddin, I hadn't gotten rid of anything. Until now.

Pretty much, if it wasn't nailed down or someone wasn't wearing it while I was tagging, it went in the sale. I went a little bit crazy. In fact, we were late for church Sunday because I couldn't find Bud's momma sold them. Poor baby had to wear khakis that were too big and kept falling off of him.

All that to say, that while I told tons and tons of stuff, I do still have some things available. Somehow I missed a couple of tubs up in the attic!! Lots of it I will hang on to until the next sale, or pass on, but there are some things that could go now. I also have a couple of items that fall in the equipment range. And while I still have 5 baby cribs and 2 bassinets, I'm just not ready to part with those yet. Crazy, I know.

So my question is.. anyone interested in a blogarage sale?? I'm thinking Saturday morning?? Let me know and if there is interest I'll post some of the items with a price and we can move some more stuff out... I'm taking back my house, one storage tub at a time!

Here is a sample of things I would like to sell.... not the sweet babies, just the clothes!

chickadee suit

3 blind mice suits

full body shot


giraffe set... Bailey Boys... reversible.
I also have lots of Christmas outfits but don't have a lot of time right now to dig around for the pictures. We are headed to the season opening game of MTSU tonight!!! YAY!! It's gonna be so fun!
Just leave me a comment if a blogarage sale is something that you are interested in and we'll go from there!


Katie said...

I would totally be there is I lived any closer. I am sure you will have no problems selling your cute things.

Kait said...

I would be interested but what sizes are they?