Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well, I'm back. I had a few days off to recouperate around here. I had Puddin Pop Kids coming out my ears for a while there! Thank you!! Seriously, the orders were fantastic but I think my babies in utero and out, would have liked me to to take a break!So, I took a few days off from the rest of the world. We have all of our Christmas boxed up and back in the attic- excpet for 1 tree, sanding naked in the dining room. Poor thing! Hopefully, honey will be able to pack it up soon.

As for things on the baby front, we are all well. I had a doctors appointment yesterday and things were great!!! Both baies are weighing at 3 lbs each and are very healthy and active! We have a tentative delivery date set for March 16th!! Woo-hoo!! We had a talk and these babies are staying put for as long as possible. We want them to be cooked fully and DONE before they make their grand appearance!

I will have to post more later- for now I feel a nap coming on!

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Katie said...

March 16th is a great day! It's my birthday ;) I loved it because my birthday would always be over Spring break. I will pray that they stay in side as long as possible. I am glad you are taking a break, you desire it.