Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why it looks like I swallowed a watermelon...or two!

Hello all!! I thought I would share a little from the Dr. visit today. Everything is looking GREAT!!! Both babies are doing fantastic! They were practice breathing and yes, flipping around like crazy! While it is so amazing to feel your baby move inside you, at this point the tap dance routine that is happening on my cervix is a bit much! Ugh!! Can anyone say "OUCH!"? Who would have thought such little people could pack such a punch? BTW- from here on out they will be known in blogland as Baby Bud and Baby Daisy...( I now, it's too cute!) And, just so you know, these little people are weighing in at 6lbs. 5 oz., and 6lbs. 6oz....yep- almost 13 lbs of baby!!!
Anyway, poor Baby Bud is trying to stand his ground and fight for space but little sister, Baby Daisy, is a tough one and demands room to move. She is a BUSY GIRL!
Even though the belly kind of gives it away- that this is really about to happen- and soon, I still find it hard to believe that we are about to expand from a family of 5 to 7!! I can't wait to see them and hold them!! But a family of 7! Ya'll, that's a lot!!
I had some picture to post of them but the scanner is down. As soon as hubby gets it fixed I will post them. They are SOOOOO CUTE!!!!
For now I'll leave you with this bit of sweetness!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

What's Up?

BUSY!! We have been crazy busy around here. Hubby took a few days off due to car troubles and was able to help me get a few things done aorund here... mostly things like pick the toys up off the bonus room floor (since I can no longer bend at the waist), finish painting the nursery (yep- again), clean out a couple of closets, watch the monkeys for me so I could have a little break and various other things. And man, did I miss him today!

As I type, I just laid down a puddin pop that is 1 of 2 that are supposed to be finished by tomorrow night. I am having to hand stitch her hair, which gave me time to think, which made me remember to blog, so here I am and there she sits! UGH! If I ever needed a clone it is now! I have so many things I want to blog about but there just has not been enough time!

One thing I am super excited about is a photo project that I- we are a part of. I have some shots to share and they are awesome!! I am amazed at how talented my friend is!! Check them out.... Oh yeah- the one at the top is one she did and probably my favorite!

See what I mean?? Talent!!! She got amazing pictures from NOTHING!!! We weren't posing-nothing! The kids woke up from a nap and wanted a snack and seriously- that was it!! I am so excited to see what she does next!!

On another note... 3 weeks from today we will go from a family of 5 to a family of 7!! WOW!!! We are excited. Puddin is thrilled that it is almost time for her babies to get here. She thinks it's hysterical that they are upside down in my belly and is now looking for every excuse to be upside down herself. The Monkeys are clueless... they just think the belly is a large pillow, perfect for lounging! I can't believe we only have 3 weeks to go!!! I have an ultrasound tomorrow so I will post more then.

Well, I have lots more to share but the half stitched puddin pop is calling my name so I better get back at!


Saturday, February 7, 2009


OK- so I haven't lived up to my blogger responsibilities too well. I.AM.SORRY! Truly I am! I have been so busy with sick kids, creating a nursery, making Puddin Pops, Quilts, and peanuts, as well as growing 2 more small children in my EVER expanding belly and making time for my sweet hubby that, well, something had to give a little!

So, I am going to try and blog for the next few weeks anyway, a little more responsibly. I can't promise to post daily but I will post weekly, at least. I owe some pictures too and I will have pictures of the up and coming nursery. This one, btw- has been the HARDEST one to decorate! I have some paintings coming from a sweet friend, a chair to cover, bedding to make and little things to add as well as tons of clothes to hang and thank you cards to write but- it will all get done and I will be posting about it soon. And since the babies and up and dancing in my womb right now- it seems like a great time to start. I can't sleep anyway!

As for the brood... Puddin is FANTASTIC! She cracks me up daily! I swear I could eat her up most days... until she starts the WHINE! UGH1 The most recent addition to things we are working on getting rid of! She definitely has an op ion about everything and doesn't mind sharing. I guess she comes by that pretty honestly! She told me the other day, "Mommy, we have an issue!" (With her hands on her hips- as serious as can be!) I was shocked to hear those words and immediately started laughing so I still don't know what the issue was! She is thrilled beyond belief that her babies will be here soon and asks with every doctors appointment if my doctor is taking her babies out yet. She sings to them and hugs them everyday as she tells the how much she loves them. She has been lovingly kicked by them numerous times and LOVES IT! She wants them to do it over and over again! A thrill this week was when she got to feel Emery having the hiccups! The look on her face was priceless. Her other love it seems, has become Looney Tunes, Sylvester and Tweety Bird. It all started with Tweety bird cup that belonged to my niece when she was small (now going on 19!). My mom still has this cup and let Puddin drink from it at Christmas. Now, it's the only cup that will do when at Nana's house. Anyway, due to her sudden affinity for Tweety Bird, hubby jumped on the chance to introduce her to Looney Tunes and You Tube! They LOVE sitting at the computer and watching episode after episode together. It really is very sweet but due to my limited ability to wrangle the monkeys lately, I have had to request a limit on this fun of theirs. After all, I need hubby's help! Anyway, now that she loves Tweety her new favorite saying... for all occasions.. especially when she dislikes something Mommy does is "You bad ole puddy cat!" Again- too funny!

As for the Monkeys... They are so precious. So different and each one so perfect. I can't imagine life without either of them and as wild as they can be (yes- boys are different than girls) I would not change a hair on either of their heads!
I have been a bit concerned about Monkey Do's language development lately and we have a well check appointment this week so I plan to ask the ped. about it. Anyway, her does use several words regularly but, quite honestly, true to his little monkey self- he would rather grunt! He really is a baby Kong some days! He is just loud and rough and bubbly and has a smile that will light up all of NYC! He is so precious but how I wish he would use a few more words. So, I have resorted to frustrating him daily. When he "grunts" for something I figure out what he wants and tell him the word and usually won't let him have it until something resembling the word I am looking for comes out of his mouth. So far, so good. But man, it can be exhausting!
Although- my heart MELTED yesterday when he looked at me and started waving this big wave and saying "HI, HI, HI!!" I could have hugged the stuffing out of him!
Now Monkey See is a much different story. He is a thinker and a listener, much more of an introvert than his brother. Still very social, but different than his brother none the less. He is so observant, he just pops out new things all the time. This little monkey can skip/gallop and has been able to do this since Christmas. He can get anything he wants off counters, open doors and scale kitchen tables in the the blink of an eye. He talks constantly, unless he is around other people or in a new situation. He loves to "read" and, to top it all, he can sing the Barney song, "I Love you!" (Yes, we are Barney fans- Monkey Do is slightly obsessed.) Now, he doesn't actually say every word of the song but he has the tune down pat and their is no denying that is the song he is singing! I have got to get it on video!
Best of all- both Monkeys have started to help us pray at dinner. Hubby will say, let's say our prayer and they both (Puddin too but this is new for them) will put their hands up and bow their heads! Monkey See will even start "praying" out loud! Melts my hear every time!!

And as for the 2 little nuggets- not that I can call them that anymore- they are really pretty big these days- the countdown is on. We have 5 weeks left and are scheduling the delivery for March 16th. I don't have a choice on this one and I am pretty lucky to have the doctor that I do. The babies are great and growing well but apparently, the hospital thinks I should deliver at 36 weeks. I REFUSED. I explained to my doctor that as long as we were all healthy they were going to stay put until 38weeks. My doctor agreed to monitor me 2x a week after I hit 36 weeks and to let me go up until 38 weeks but not over that. So, we have 5 weeks left. I have several reasons for wanting to wait to deliver and I will post on those later. Needless to say my last delivery did not go as expected and I am thankful to God every single day that I got the results that I did. God was watching over us and while it was hard to walk through, there is an amazing testimony there that I will share later.
Back to this pregnancy- the babies are BUSY and BIG. Very Wiggly and full of energy. Shepherd seems to be a bit more shy, much like Monkey See and Puddin. Emery seems to take after Monkey Do in the personality department so far. She is more than willing to do back flips during our ultrasounds and really show off what she is able to do while Shepherd covers his face and boy parts and tries to roll away from the camera. They are weighing in at almost 5 lbs each right and I should have some better numbers with the next ultrasound. They pass pass their biophysical profile test every week with flying colors! We are so happy that they are doing so well. I am just praying that they cooperate and stay put for 5 more weeks! Some days it looks like aliens trying to escape from my tummy! I did go to the hospital today and get a steroid shot to stimulate lung development. Not because there was anything wrong or that I am in danger of preterm labor- just to put my mind at ease and as a preventative measure.(Related again to the last delivery). I go back tomorrow for the follow up shot.

All in all, we are blessed and happy! We can't wait to see these new little people that already hold our hearts in their tiny little hands. And we are thrilled to watch how our other babies are growing and changing every day as well!
This has been a LONG, LONG post and I'm thinking now I might be able to sleep for a bit. They seemed to have calmed down themselves so mommy needs to rest too.
So, wishing you many blessings to you and yours!